We’re Having A Girl!

It feels good to be back, logged in to Papa & Co. and writing something. It feels especially good not only because it’s been far too long or that I’ve missed curating and posting content here or because I just don’t have anything better to do, but because Jessica and I are expecting a baby girl this November! As cliche as it sounds, we are beyond excited. I just simply do not have another way of expressing it with words.

Papa & Co. FamilyPhoto by our dear friend, Rodney Brown // Please ignore my dirty feet

We always knew we wanted at least two children. The thought of a son and then a daughter was always my ideal, but of course, I would be happy with any healthy child. It’s just been the way I always saw my life when I was younger, when it came to having a family. A little guy and his little sister, growing up close to one another and being best of friends is really how I had always imagined our family.

baby announcement big brotherForrest, ecstatic about the news of being a big brother soon. An image we used for the baby announcement. Board from Letterfolk, Credenza from Target,  Planter from World Market

This news has certainly lit a new kind of fire in me. I am not sure if it’s just because we are going from one to two kiddos. Or if it’s because we are having a girl. Maybe it’s a combination of the two. Because of that, I plan on creating more content about that along with all the other lifestyle, gear and gift guide posts. There is certainly a lot of talk about, because just as going from zero kids to one kid is a big life change, going from one to two is already proving itself to be a major switch up as well.

Crib from Stokke, Banner from Secret Holiday 

For instance, you might remember the post about making room for a baby in small space. Well, we are still in that same small place and if I am being transparent, it feels like we’ll be there a little while longer. With the rapid growth of our city, housing costs are rising at an incredible rate and that includes the suburban areas as well. So, we are now working to figure out how to two kids in our small space work. Of course, there is the additional cost and figuring out what products we’ll need (i.e. double stroller, another crib, etc.) vs ones we already have and can use again (i.e. neutral clothing, highchair, changing pad, etc.).

Forrest, being super stoked about his baby sisters “pictures”. Photos by yours truly

I admit, at first I got a little overzealous with Papa & Co. during the first year I got it up and running and I focused too much on just sharing cool products and whatnot that it began to feel more like a chore. And as Forrest, got more mobile and began to need more extended attention, Jessica had to take more of a step back in our photography business. Although she is still very much a part of that, I still had to step up and fill in the gaps and I completely underestimated the amount of work that equated to.

And just one of my three loves because, damn, I love them.

Thus, Papa & Co. sorta took a backseat position. But if I am being honest, I really would like to see this grow into something really special and I would love to hear from you all. I would love to hear what sorts of things you would like to see more of. Any voids in the world of modern parenting/fatherhood that you think Papa & Co. can fill and any other ideas you want to toss out there? Just drop a comment or email me at hellopapaandco@gmail.com

Summertime: A Warm Season Mixtape

summertime playlist surf yatch rockSummertime Mixtape Artwork: Myself

I’ll admit, this was not the post I had in mind when I said I was going to put more time into Papa & Co. I am doing this intentionally though. I promise. Music motivates me and I love sharing good tracks with people. There is something therapeutic about curating a playlist and this is one of my favorites.

Swan Pool Float

It started mostly as a Mexican surf rock playlist. I came across a bunch of it while I was diving deep into small Mexican surf towns to potentially go to for a vacation. As things do, that led me into finding some other fun summery sounding songs. Who knew that jangle and tiki were music genres? I sure didn’t.

beach house pool kitty hawk, ncBirdseye view of our pool at our beach house this year. 

Anyway, I always love to make a good playlist before our annual family beach trip. One we can play over the outdoor speaks by the pool that everyone can enjoy. It’s fun introducing new stuff to the family. This year, we practically just kept this one on rotation for the week and it set a really nice mood. So, go ahead and follow this summertime Jockey’s Ridge, close your eyes and daydream of all the sand you should be finding in those super short surf shorts your wife said she’d never be caught alive near you on the beach if you wore them.

Big Black Diaper Bag OneDuoForrest and I taking an after dinner walk on the beach. Sporting the Jockey’s Ridge

dad blogger Papa & Co.A favorite from our vacation. Forrest sliding down a dune at Jockey’s Ridge. He loved it and yes, there was a ton of sand in his shorts, diaper and everywhere else.






Christmas Gift Guide – A Good Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide 2017

The holidays are by far my favorite time of year, especially since we have a little one. All the excitement and joy is just so much fun. Another part of the holidays I love is spoiling those I love. And to be fair, I don’t mind receiving some great gifts either.

To help make your shopping easier this year, I’ve put together 4 curated guides to help give you ideas. Hopefully you’ll find them handy and be able to get everyone on your list checked off quickly so you can go enjoy their company.

Also, this year, I’ve been using this amazing little browser extension called Honey. If you aren’t familiar with it yet, then let me know tell you about it real quick. Basically, you just install this in your browser and it automatically finds coupons, promo codes and other deals you may not have found already and let’s you know if you are getting the best price for whatever it is you are looking at. Go give it a try!

Happy Holidays!

Christmas Gift Guide for Kids 2017

Row One: Leather Piggy Bank by Shinola ($155) | Jacquard Cardigan from Zara ($35) | Work Bench by Hearth + Hand ($99)
Row Two: Cordy Roy Fox from Jellyfox ($25) | Mini Balance Bike by Public Bikes ($130) | Rain Boots by Hunter ($55)
Row Three: Wagon from Plantoys ($70) | Pompoms Sweatshirt from Zara ($20) | Constellation Blocks by Uncle Goose ($25)
Row Four: Smallbirds Wool Runners from Allbirds ($55) | One Thousand Things by Anna Kovecses | Printed Hat by Pulp Co. ($40)

Christmas Gift Guide for Mothers 2017

Row One: Diffuser by Stadler Form ($60) | The Human Woman French Terry Sweatshirt from Everyone ($45) | Clara Crossbody Purse by Nisolo ($140)
Row Two: Cats & Plants by Stephen Eichhorn ($45) | Nomad Balanced Perfume Oil from Made By Yoke ($46) | BEOPLAY A1 from B&O Play ($249)
Row Three: The Post Wallet from Madewell ($78) | The Wool-Cashmere Waffle Square Crew from Everyone ($130) | Rya Weaving Kit from The Crafter’s Box ($80)
Row Four: Hygge Collection Candle from Paddywax ($28) | The Essential Gardener by Barebones ($115) | Wool Slippers from Armor-Lux ($85)

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dads 2017

Row One: Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera from FujiFilm ($115) | The Cashmere Crew from Everlane ($100) | Time Teller Watch from Nixon ($63)
Row Two: Wool Runners from Allbirds ($95) | Bluetooth Headphones by Omars ($45) | 10 Piece Home Tool Care Kit from Grace USA ($119)
Row Three: Sunglasses from Ray-Ban ($140) | Stainless Steel Flask from Izola ($42)  | Classic Analog Alarm Clock by Braun ($29)
Row Four: Skateboard from Yocaher ($46) | Cold Brew Coffee Maker from Ovalware ($36) | Wonderboom Speaker from Ultimate Ears ($80)

Row One: Mini Domino Set from Paladone ($12) | Plain Wooden Yoyo from Maple Landmark ($6) | Fox Puzzle by Petit Collage ($12)
Row Two: The Tile Mate by Tile ($25) | 2018 Year Task Planner by Appointed ($38) | 10 ft Night Cable by Native Union ($40)
Row Three: Wonders Of The World from Marvis ($22) | Cord Taco’s by This Is Ground ($16) | Toothbrush by Quip ($45)
Row Four: Sherpa Shut-Eye Sleep Mask from Madewell ($15) | Pineapple Shot Glasses from W&P Design ($35) |  Keyring from Fred & Friends ($17)


A First Birthday Party, Almost a Year Later

first birthday party woodsy adventure invite(front of Forrest’s birthday invite, designed by myself)

As Forrest’s second birthday quickly approaches, I thought it might be nice to finally share some images and words about his first birthday. Clearly, having an almost two year old makes it far harder to keep up with this blog. Between running a successful photography business with my wife and trying to maintain a work/life balance, the blog has been put on the back burner a bit. Good news is that I am about to move into a new co-working space where I am hoping I will be more efficient with my work, thus giving mysef more time to put effort into this blog, because I really have grown attached to it and love what it is/was becoming.

mountain adventure fall first birthday(Teepee tent, pillows from Amazon. Bear from Target. Blanket from Modern Burlap)

I’ll admit, I was one of those people who thought it was ridiculous to throw a one year old a big party and go all out when they won’t even remember it. But I get it now. It’s not just for the child, but also, if not even more so, for the parents. It’s a celebration of making it through a year with this little human. And sure, he won’t remember exactly remember his first birthday party, but he’ll have photographs of it to look at later in life. He’ll be able to see just how much he was and still is loved by all of those friends and family.

Along with tons of help from our family and friends, I would say we pulled off a pretty great first birthday party, especially since it was right toward the end of our busiest part of the year. Oh, and when I say “we”, I really mean my wife, Jessica. She put in the brunt of the work. We held the party at one of the shelters that you can rent out at William B. Umstead State Park. Since Forrest’s birthday is late October and a lot of our life with him involves the mountains and the outdoors, we went for a fall/outdoor/mountain theme.

mountain adventure fall first birthday mountain adventure fall first birthday mountain adventure fall first birthday mountain adventure fall first birthday(Wooden mountain peaks made by friend, outdoor adventure hunt game designed by myself)

As tempting as it can be to put together a super cool party that has no childish vibes at all, we knew it was important to still remember that this party was in fact a one year olds party, so we really tried to make it enjoyable for both kids and adults. We had a good bit of food that would appeal to the adults and then some for the kids as well as the overall design and decorations. I think we succeeded there. Our style for gatherings has always been less pretentious and more laid back, which is how we hope to raise our son, so reflecting that in this party was also important.

mountain adventure fall first birthday mountain adventure fall first birthday mountain adventure fall first birthday mountain adventure fall first birthday(Wooden mountain made by friend, mountain peak milestone painting by our friend Sarah Faucette, WILD ONE balloons from Amazon)


Looking back, I am glad we did all we did for Forrest’s first birthday. It may have seemed like a lot to us in the moment, but the first year is a big year. And heck, we didn’t do nearly as much as a lot of parents do. We knew our limits and kept to them and still had an amazing, memorable time. This year, his birthday might not be as involved, but I guarantee it will be extremely special too.

mountain adventure fall first birthday 016-mountain-adventure-fall-first-birthday 020-mountain-adventure-fall-first-birthday 018-mountain-adventure-fall-first-birthday mountain adventure fall first birthday(Teepee tent, pillows from Amazon. Bear from Target. Blanket from Modern Burlap)

010-mountain-adventure-fall-first-birthday 022-mountain-adventure-fall-first-birthday 011-mountain-adventure-fall-first-birthday 023-mountain-adventure-fall-first-birthday 021-mountain-adventure-fall-first-birthday(Wooden mountain cake topper made by friend, cup stickers made by myself, birch straws from Amazon, Letterboard by Letterfolk)

Mother’s Day: A Good Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017Family friend and fellow photographer Rebekah with her newborn daughter, Penelope. Photo: Brett & Jessica

Since this time last year, I have witnessed my wife, Jessica, evolve as a mother and it’s a beautiful thing. As our son, Forrest, has grown, developed new skills and has really begun to show his more toddler personalities, the challenges have become different for Jessica, but I do know that she is feeling the reward of it as well. It’s truly non-stop around our home now and while I try my best to put in a good effort in helping out with Forrest, it’s Jessica who is truly doing the brunt of the work. Her natural motherly instinct kicks in and she just knows how to handle every situation, or at least it seems that way to me. Once we (usually Jessica) have put Forrest down for bed, she then begins to take care of the other tasks she has and by time we hit the pillows, I can sense her exhaustion, yet I hear no complaints from her while I may be laying in bed next to her complaining about some mundane, easily fixable issue I had with my day. She’s a trooper. A hard worker. A dedicated mother. An absolute blessing to both Forrest and myself. That’s why Mother’s Day means so much to us around here. She deserves, as all mothers out there do, a day to feel pampered and rewarded for her role as mom.

Beyond the spa day gift cards, flowers and nice dinner, I’ve put together a Mother’s Day gift guide that I think the mother in your life will certainly enjoy. Whether it’s the woman who birthed your child/children, your own mother or a friend who is a mom, these gifts should certainly make her feel special. Of course, don’t forget to grab a nice card too. I’ve recently been obsessed with everything Moglea has been putting out and they’ve got some amazing cards for mama’s.

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017

Row One: Toulouse Art Print from Moglea ($40) | Trigg Hanging Container by Umbra ($25) | Coco Rose Body Polish from Herbivore ($44)
Row Two: Original Cinema Lightbox by My Cinema Lightbox ($42) | Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe ($16) | Mariella Mule by Nisolo ($159)
Row Three: aHead Wireless Headphones from Kreafunk ($145) | Marble Rise Necklace by Christina Nicole ($45) | C1 Amelie Bike from Public Bikes ($599)
Row Four: Rose Relaxation from Winc ($100) | Darkwave Perfume by Olo ($45) | Vanguard Saddle Bag by Tanner Goods ($249)
Row Five: The Classic Gardener Set by Barebones ($54) | Soy Wax Candle in Concrete Pot by Paddywax ($28) | Jack’s Wife Frida: Cooking From New York’s East Village by Maya + Dean Jankdlowitz ($16)
Row Six: Sarjaton Mug by Iittala ($26) | Blue Agate Coasters by BMS ($34) | Jasmine Aroma Diffuser from Stadler Form ($60)

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