We’re Having A Girl!

It feels good to be back, logged in to Papa & Co. and writing something. It feels especially good not only because it’s been far too long or that I’ve missed curating and posting content here or because I just don’t have anything better to do, but because Jessica and I are expecting a baby girl this November! As cliche as it sounds, we are beyond excited. I just simply do not have another way of expressing it with words.

Papa & Co. FamilyPhoto by our dear friend, Rodney Brown // Please ignore my dirty feet

We always knew we wanted at least two children. The thought of a son and then a daughter was always my ideal, but of course, I would be happy with any healthy child. It’s just been the way I always saw my life when I was younger, when it came to having a family. A little guy and his little sister, growing up close to one another and being best of friends is really how I had always imagined our family.

baby announcement big brotherForrest, ecstatic about the news of being a big brother soon. An image we used for the baby announcement. Board from Letterfolk, Credenza from Target,  Planter from World Market

This news has certainly lit a new kind of fire in me. I am not sure if it’s just because we are going from one to two kiddos. Or if it’s because we are having a girl. Maybe it’s a combination of the two. Because of that, I plan on creating more content about that along with all the other lifestyle, gear and gift guide posts. There is certainly a lot of talk about, because just as going from zero kids to one kid is a big life change, going from one to two is already proving itself to be a major switch up as well.

Crib from Stokke, Banner from Secret Holiday 

For instance, you might remember the post about making room for a baby in small space. Well, we are still in that same small place and if I am being transparent, it feels like we’ll be there a little while longer. With the rapid growth of our city, housing costs are rising at an incredible rate and that includes the suburban areas as well. So, we are now working to figure out how to two kids in our small space work. Of course, there is the additional cost and figuring out what products we’ll need (i.e. double stroller, another crib, etc.) vs ones we already have and can use again (i.e. neutral clothing, highchair, changing pad, etc.).

Forrest, being super stoked about his baby sisters “pictures”. Photos by yours truly

I admit, at first I got a little overzealous with Papa & Co. during the first year I got it up and running and I focused too much on just sharing cool products and whatnot that it began to feel more like a chore. And as Forrest, got more mobile and began to need more extended attention, Jessica had to take more of a step back in our photography business. Although she is still very much a part of that, I still had to step up and fill in the gaps and I completely underestimated the amount of work that equated to.

And just one of my three loves because, damn, I love them.

Thus, Papa & Co. sorta took a backseat position. But if I am being honest, I really would like to see this grow into something really special and I would love to hear from you all. I would love to hear what sorts of things you would like to see more of. Any voids in the world of modern parenting/fatherhood that you think Papa & Co. can fill and any other ideas you want to toss out there? Just drop a comment or email me at hellopapaandco@gmail.com

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