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Back in the 90’s, when I was just a kid, growing up in small town right outside of Harrisburg, PA, the meaning of the word father and the role they played seemed different than how I see it now. Maybe it’s because I am now a father, albeit a rather new one. Perhaps I was too young to understand parental roles as I do now. When I play the comparison game between my father and myself, there are not too many differences. Both entrepreneurs owning our own businesses, both married, hard working, self motivated fathers. Just as my father strived to provide for his family, I do too. The list goes on.

So why is it that I feel like being a father today is so different than it was for my father when I was a child 20+ years ago? More dads today change more diapers than previous generations (I probably change an equal amount as my wife), they are also more engaged, they no longer feel their value is just a paycheck and more are staying home with their children. Female independence and the desire women today have to work and make a career for themselves is much more prevalent than it was in the 80’s and 90’s. I believe that has something to do with it. The type of work, both mothers and fathers, do today is also much different. Jobs in the tech industry, creative markets and other entrepreneurial endeavors allow us to work differently. But if we also simply look back into societies history, we’ll see that men were once very involved in their children’s lives. They played a larger role in caregiving, theyused to work together more and even help deliver their children.

Some might feel as though fathers today may be honing in on our instinct to provide more than financial stability. Perhaps it’s because many fathers today lacked that from their own fathers. For me, I made a tough decision to peruse a career in a creative field that would allow me to be more involved from day one. My wife and I both stay home during the weekdays and work from home. It’s not always been easy, but it’s surely been worth it, and I believe many others feel the same. It’s allowed for me to spend more time with our son than I ever would of imagined. Technology is partially to thank, because perhaps had my father had the same resources we do now, he would of been able to chose to stay at home and work versus having to run a business away from home.

This lifestyle and career has also allowed for me to play a bigger role in pretty much every decision we’ve made, from the littlest to the bigger. Being someone who comes from a design background, works in a creative field and has today’s minimalist approach on life, I found it hard to find resources online to go to that were geared toward fathers like myself. I wanted to read about topics that pertained to fathers who work from home and how to manage that balance, product reviews written from a fathers standpoint, etc. And I wanted a resource that did it well, with a modern approach, thoughtful articles, aesthetically pleasing and that didn’t feel like a mommy blog written by a father.

Fatherhood and the role of fathers have changed a lot over the last couple decades and will continue to evolve as more fathers jump on board. So, that’s why Papa & Co. is here. To fill that void, for the modern father. To be a place to read, learn, research and connect. Welcome!


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