Summertime: A Warm Season Mixtape

summertime playlist surf yatch rockSummertime Mixtape Artwork: Myself

I’ll admit, this was not the post I had in mind when I said I was going to put more time into Papa & Co. I am doing this intentionally though. I promise. Music motivates me and I love sharing good tracks with people. There is something therapeutic about curating a playlist and this is one of my favorites.

Swan Pool Float

It started mostly as a Mexican surf rock playlist. I came across a bunch of it while I was diving deep into small Mexican surf towns to potentially go to for a vacation. As things do, that led me into finding some other fun summery sounding songs. Who knew that jangle and tiki were music genres? I sure didn’t.

beach house pool kitty hawk, ncBirdseye view of our pool at our beach house this year. 

Anyway, I always love to make a good playlist before our annual family beach trip. One we can play over the outdoor speaks by the pool that everyone can enjoy. It’s fun introducing new stuff to the family. This year, we practically just kept this one on rotation for the week and it set a really nice mood. So, go ahead and follow this summertime Jockey’s Ridge, close your eyes and daydream of all the sand you should be finding in those super short surf shorts your wife said she’d never be caught alive near you on the beach if you wore them.

Big Black Diaper Bag OneDuoForrest and I taking an after dinner walk on the beach. Sporting the Jockey’s Ridge

dad blogger Papa & Co.A favorite from our vacation. Forrest sliding down a dune at Jockey’s Ridge. He loved it and yes, there was a ton of sand in his shorts, diaper and everywhere else.






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