Mother’s Day: A Good Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017Family friend and fellow photographer Rebekah with her newborn daughter, Penelope. Photo: Brett & Jessica

Since this time last year, I have witnessed my wife, Jessica, evolve as a mother and it’s a beautiful thing. As our son, Forrest, has grown, developed new skills and has really begun to show his more toddler personalities, the challenges have become different for Jessica, but I do know that she is feeling the reward of it as well. It’s truly non-stop around our home now and while I try my best to put in a good effort in helping out with Forrest, it’s Jessica who is truly doing the brunt of the work. Her natural motherly instinct kicks in and she just knows how to handle every situation, or at least it seems that way to me. Once we (usually Jessica) have put Forrest down for bed, she then begins to take care of the other tasks she has and by time we hit the pillows, I can sense her exhaustion, yet I hear no complaints from her while I may be laying in bed next to her complaining about some mundane, easily fixable issue I had with my day. She’s a trooper. A hard worker. A dedicated mother. An absolute blessing to both Forrest and myself. That’s why Mother’s Day means so much to us around here. She deserves, as all mothers out there do, a day to feel pampered and rewarded for her role as mom.

Beyond the spa day gift cards, flowers and nice dinner, I’ve put together a Mother’s Day gift guide that I think the mother in your life will certainly enjoy. Whether it’s the woman who birthed your child/children, your own mother or a friend who is a mom, these gifts should certainly make her feel special. Of course, don’t forget to grab a nice card too. I’ve recently been obsessed with everything Moglea has been putting out and they’ve got some amazing cards for mama’s.

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017

Row One: Toulouse Art Print from Moglea ($40) | Trigg Hanging Container by Umbra ($25) | Coco Rose Body Polish from Herbivore ($44)
Row Two: Original Cinema Lightbox by My Cinema Lightbox ($42) | Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe ($16) | Mariella Mule by Nisolo ($159)
Row Three: aHead Wireless Headphones from Kreafunk ($145) | Marble Rise Necklace by Christina Nicole ($45) | C1 Amelie Bike from Public Bikes ($599)
Row Four: Rose Relaxation from Winc ($100) | Darkwave Perfume by Olo ($45) | Vanguard Saddle Bag by Tanner Goods ($249)
Row Five: The Classic Gardener Set by Barebones ($54) | Soy Wax Candle in Concrete Pot by Paddywax ($28) | Jack’s Wife Frida: Cooking From New York’s East Village by Maya + Dean Jankdlowitz ($16)
Row Six: Sarjaton Mug by Iittala ($26) | Blue Agate Coasters by BMS ($34) | Jasmine Aroma Diffuser from Stadler Form ($60)

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