Brett Donar - Papa & Co. About

Brett Donar is a Raleigh, NC based wedding + lifestyle photographer and creative director who works alongside his wife, Jessica. His work has been seen in Nylon Mag, SPIN, Vibe, The Guardian and has also worked with the likes of Gap, Old Navy, Land Rover and Merge Records as well as various work and features in wedding magazines and blogs.

Even before the arrival of his son, Forrest, he took notice to the lack of quality father based sites and blogs while doing some research during his wife’s pregnancy. After spending countless hours on primarily mother-focused sites, reading up on product reviews that aligned with his and his wife’s standards, they found there was a lack of resources from a fathers point of view. Continuously coming up empty when looking for sites/blogs that offered solid advice, ideas and interesting topics in general, that were geared toward the modern day father, he knew he had to fill the gap. The majority of what was out there, was done poorly with lack of substance, style and great design and realized that now, more than ever, modern and creative fathers are working more from the home and are more involved with all aspects of parenting and home life from the very start of their child’s life. Fathers who care.

The new era of fatherhood and the evolution of todays involvement from fathers, needed someone or something that related to the new image of fathers today. A style-leaning parenting site focused on the interests of creative, design minded fathers was needed. And thus, Papa & Co. was born.Brett Donar - Papa & Co. About